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Glencoe Lacrosse

History of Glencoe Lacrosse

The Beginning 

Glencoe Lacrosse was started in 1994 by Coach Bill Rexford. At that time there were two high school lacrosse teams in Oregon - Glencoe and West Linn. 

1996 Glencoe Lacrosse Team

Head Coaches Through The Years

2023  David Yabu

2021-22 Kaelen Stow

2020 Brian Small

2016 - 2019 Kyle Tolzman

2010 - 2015 Nick DeNeff

2005 - 2009 Jake Maslin 

1998 - 2004 Paul Lardy

1994 -1997 Bill Rexford



2019 Pacific Conference Champion

2018 Pacific Conference Champion

2017 Pacific Conference Champion

2013 Pacific Conference Champion

2012 Pacific Conference Champion

2011 Pacific Conference Champion

1995 State Champions


Glencoe Youth Lacrosse

In 2021, The City of Hillsboro Parks and Recreation Department discontinued their HALO Program giving high school programs the opportunity to create their own youth organizations. 

Glencoe Youth Lacrosse was formed at that time and continues to grow and thrive.


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About Us

Glencoe Lacrosse is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides the opportunity to learn and play lacrosse for boys in grades 3-12 in the Glencoe High School attendance area of Hillsboro, Oregon. Girls youth lacrosse information can be found here